Oil Central Lubrication Complete Systems

SINNTEC offers central lubrication systems for oil in various variants. Just state the number of lubricating points and we will put together the equipment for your personal lubrication system.

Single Line System

Single line central lubrication is especially suited for system with high complexity. Adding and removing distributors is unproblematic and indicator pins in every metering chamber allow for easy and reliable control. Pressures are, compared to progressive systems, moderate, however still monitored with a pressure switch at the pipe's end.
Fully automatic operation is made possible by using an electronic control but it has to be made sure that the operating temperature stays in the allowed temperature range of +10°C to +50°C.
The piston distributors used are designed for delivery pressures of 12 to 45 bar and allow dosages of 0,01 to 0,16 ccm. Depending on the amount of lubricating points the amount and size of distributors change. You do not need to be concerned about this as we ensure a problem-free planning.
Our pumps differ in terms of operating voltage, reservoir size and integrated or external control. We are glad to help you with picking the pump you require.

Progressive System

In progressive systems, a progressive pump deliver oil via high pressure pipes to a main distributor connected to other distributors which then deliver the lubricant to the lubricating points.
This process is progressive (=continuous) which means that all lubricating points are supplied successively. If the lubrication process should be interrupted, e.g. by a blocked lubricating point, the system will continue with this exact lubricating point after restarting.
By choosing either an electric or pneumatic pump, the central lubrication of your system is completely automatic. You only have to pay attention to the lubricant level inside the reservoir. If you choose to use a hand pump, it is very important to ensure a continuous and sufficient lubrication.