Pneumatic pump P5.1,2 / P8.1,2
Item No. Description Price
2562. Oil, 10cm³/stroke, outlet in front, with float switch and over pressure valve
2562. Oil, 15cm³/stroke, outlet left, with float switch and over pressure valve
2562. Semi-fluid grease, 10cm³/stroke, outlet in front, without float switch, with pressure valve
2562. Semi-fluid grease, 15cm³/stroke, outlet at the back, without float switch and over pressure valve

Pneumatic pump P5.1,2 / P8.1,2

  • For oil or semi-fluid grease
  • Flow rate: 10cm³/stroke or 15cm³/stroke
  • Pressure ratio: 1 : 11 or 1 : 8
  • Actuator pressure: 4-8 bar
  • Actuator volume: P5=275cm³, P8=550cm³
  • Reservoir volume: 1,2 litre
  • Reservoir made of plastic
  • Operating temperature: max. 70°C

Pneumatic pumps with small reservoir volume of 1,2 litre available for oil or semi-fluid grease. Flow rate 10cm³/stroke or 15cm³/stroke as well as outlet positions (front, left, back) and over pressure valve selectable. Float switch optional for oil version.

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