Vogel Adaptors with tapered thread
Item No. Description Price Quantity
402-003K SKF - pipe Ø 2,5mm, M6x0,75 keg (d1) on M6x0,75 (d2), 11,5mm (l1) 1,20 EUR
402-006K SKF - pipe Ø 2,5mm, M8x1 keg (d1) on M6x0,75 (d2), 15mm (l1) 1,24 EUR
402-008K SKF - pipe Ø 2,5mm, M10x1 keg (d1) on M6x0,75 (d2), 16mm (l1) 1,24 EUR
404-662K SKF - pipe Ø 4mm, M6 (d1) on M8x1 (d2), 19mm (l1) 1,88 EUR
404-663K SKF - pipe Ø 4mm, M6 (d1) on M8x1 (d2), 20mm (l1) 1,88 EUR
404-673K SKF - pipe Ø 4mm, M6x0,75 (d1) on M8x1 (d2), 20mm (l1) 1,66 EUR
404-047K SKF - pipe Ø 4mm, M7 (d1) on M8x1 (d2), 20mm (l1) 5,64 EUR
404-003K SKF - pipe Ø 4mm, M8x1 (d1) on M8x1 (d2), 17mm (l1) 1,42 EUR
404-045 SKF - pipe Ø 4mm, M8x1 (d1) on M8x1 (d2), 62,5mm (l1) 6,83 EUR
404-006K SKF - pipe Ø 4mm, M10x1 (d1) on M8x1 (d2), 16mm (l1) 1,42 EUR
401-004-512 SKF - pipe Ø 4mm, M10x1 (d1) on M8x1 (d2), 25mm (l1) 1,75 EUR
404-040K SKF - pipe Ø 4mm, R1/8 (d1) on M8x1 (d2), 16mm (l1) 1,42 EUR
404-040K-US SKF - pipe Ø 4mm, 1/8 NPTF (d1) on M8x1 (d2), 20mm (l1) 1,55 EUR
404-054K SKF - pipe Ø 4mm, R1/4 (d1) on M8x1 (d2), 14mm (l1) 1,96 EUR
406-004K SKF - pipe Ø 6mm, M10x1 (d1) on M10x1 (d2), 23mm (l1) 1,96 EUR
301-105K SKF - pipe Ø 6mm, M12x1 (d1) on M10x1 (d2), 18mm (l1) 2,56 EUR
456-004K SKF - pipe Ø 6mm, R1/8 (d1) on M10x1 (d2), 21mm (l1) 2,23 EUR
406-054K SKF - pipe Ø 6mm, R1/4 (d1) on M10x1 (d2), 20mm (l1) 2,57 EUR

Vogel Adaptors with tapered thread

Material: Galvanised steel

The adaptors have a tapered stud thread and are used without sealing ring, they are self-sealing. Stud threads are made according to DIN 158 keg short or DIN 2999. We also deliver tapered adaptors in many other sizes, please enquire variants not listed.

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